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Origin:  Bournemouth, U.K.

Genre:  Hard Rock

Years active:  2020 - present

Label:  none yet


Short Bio

Tarraska are a four piece rock band from the south coast of England.

The core of the band gigged acoustically for years whilst steadily writing and performing their original material.

As they started recording, the tracks demanded a heavier sound and Tarraska was born in early 2020.

Four singles preceded the full debut album 'Tarraska' which was released on 17.06.22 to critical acclaim and positive reviews, including being named 'Album Of The Month' on the influential Great Music Stories website and radio station and then 'Album Of The Year' on The Rock Queen Reviews website.

Tarraska launched the album with a packed live show in Bournemouth on 16.06.22 followed by gigs and festivals throughout 2023.

Latest single 'Getting Out Alive' has been played hundreds of times on radio worldwide, including multiple plays on Johnny Doom's show on Kerrang! Radio



Upcoming Shows

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LABEL:  none yet (apply to

MANAGEMENT:  Mark Lande (

BOOKING:  Mark Lande


PRTarraska HQ 

Please contact us for any more info that you require at

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“This amount of graft gives a band fluency and it plays out on this debut album. There’s no computer trickery here, or magic producers making songs sound better than they actually are; this is a performance album where the band knows exactly what it’s doing. There’s a direction and a purpose in these songs borne out from the chemistry and the years spent learning their trade. The time is right for this fine album. They are ready and what is unleashed is an intuitive tour de force.” and “Some bands spend a career evolving to write an album this good – debutants Tarraska strike gold with their first release.”

“Overall – A sterling album, on all levels, ‘Tarraska’ showcases the band, in all their glory. Whether high or low moods, heavy or light, powerful or soft, groove-soaked or poignant, nothing fazes Tarraska and no challenge defeats them. A classic example of the limitless expanse of their repertoire, ‘Tarraska’ is performed and produced with gold level quality and infectious catch. Destined for greatness. 10/10 **********”

(Rock Queen Reviews | Rock and Metal Reviews (


“I'd suggest heading out to see them but first pick up this record as it's a impactful debut which features influences from some of the most accomplished bands in rock.”

(Musipedia Of Metal: Reviews: RXPTRS, Made Of Teeth, Tarraska, I Fight Bears (Reviews By Matt Bladen))

“an album of beautifully crafted songs”

Album Review: “Tarraska” – Tarraska –

“the material on offer is not only of the highest quality, but the variety is at times staggering” and “‘Chimera’ is a dark, brooding beast of a track that brings this fine album to a thrilling end. Live dates are required – stat. In need of a young band to wax lyrical about? Then strap on (oooh Matron) Tarraska for size. Unsigned? Yeah? Surely you jest?”

Review: Tarraska - ‘Tarraska’ - Devil's Gate Music (

“It’s hard to comprehend that this is only the band’s debut album, it is a complex piece of work that has shed blood, sweat and tears in the making of it.”

Rock Regeneration - Album: “Tarraska” by Tarraska (

"Oof!  Good Gravy, it's stonking.  I think the thing that screams at me about this album is the diversity.  I wondered whether twelve songs might be a bit of a slog to listen to, but the colour, depth and variety make for compelling listening.  The expansive colour palette of genres almost creates a new problem; if you heard one song as a single and weren't that sold, you might discredit the rest of the album.  For example, there's the riffy energy of Shifting Gears compared to the dirty, groovy sludge of Say No Prayer, or the mellow and cyclical, trance inducing Requiem.  It's far more than what I was expecting.  Imagine booking a rally car taster day, thinking you'd get to drive a Peugeot 106, only to find you get to drive Group B monsters. 


Matt Plumber - ERB Magazine, Issue 11

"Trailblazer – Instant electrifying hard hitter, fast-paced, energetic and solidly rocky. Very real lyrics, plausibly and passionately performed. Great sharp riffs, heavy drums and a big atmosphere. It certainly captures the sound of the title and it’s very catchy, with big hit stamped all over it.

Lots of hooky melody. Visually evocative, with that delicious feel, beloved of all classic rock fans. ‘Trailblazer’ makes a powerful statement.

10/10 **********" (Rock Queen Reviews)

“Like a rampaging beast, “Renegade” storms through the gates with a barrage of fiery riffs and thunderous rhythms. Jack and Ben dazzle our senses with their strong musicianship as they unleash an unrelenting arsenal of guitar power, while Shaun shatters the airwaves with his powerful drum fills. Jack’s commanding vocals hold their own throughout the track with the hard-hitting instrumentals.”

(Fresh New Tracks Vol. IV – Eclectic Music Lover blog)

“Belter of a single…epically beautiful…for me this is THE single of the year”

(Pedal To The Metal Show with Mark Parker, MMH Radio)

“A magnificent, deeply moving track…Ben’s gorgeous guitar solo and Jack’s fervent vocals at their emotional peak”
(‘Prose’ single review – Eclectic Music Lover blog)

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