'RENEGADE' available now!

“Like a rampaging beast, “Renegade” storms through the gates with a barrage of fiery riffs and thunderous rhythms. Jack and Ben dazzle our senses with their strong musicianship as they unleash an unrelenting arsenal of guitar power, while Shaun shatters the airwaves with his powerful drum fills. Jack’s commanding vocals hold their own throughout the track with the hard-hitting instrumentals.”

(Fresh New Tracks Vol. IV – Eclectic Music Lover blog)

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TARRASKA are a rock band from the south coast of England.

The singles 'Trailblazer' and 'Renegade', are available now. 

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"The combination of the creative rock guitars and no-nonsense rhythms show these guys mean business." (David Chinery, Rock Regeneration)

"a shout-along anthem", "so much energy and urgency", "you know they mean it" (Matt Black and Si Genaro, Black On Track radio show - see our EPK)

"these guys won't stay unsigned for long..."  (Jeff Keenan, Steamhouse Rock Nights on HOT Radio and Metal Mayhem Radio)

"seriously liking that...best new music surfaces to the top" (Steve Harrison, Unsigned on TotalRock Radio)

"Absolutely excellent debut single and hopefully the start of great things to come" (Brian Gray, North Herts Rocks)

"Trailblazer – Instant electrifying hard hitter, fast-paced, energetic and solidly rocky. Very real lyrics, plausibly and passionately performed. Great sharp riffs, heavy drums and a big atmosphere. It certainly captures the sound of the title and it’s very catchy, with big hit stamped all over it. Lots of hooky melody. Visually evocative, with that delicious feel, beloved of all classic rock fans. ‘Trailblazer’ makes a powerful statement.

10/10 **********" (Rock Queen Reviews)

"...energetic and hard to be ignored"  (RGM reviews)

“Now to the music, the opening guitar riff and drum combo just absolutely shreds. It’s a hard rock song with classic rock vibes. The vocals are extremely strong and really do carry the instruments well throughout the near 4 minute track. The song is fun, it’s easy to headbang to (and encouraged to do so) and it’s catchy as well. The hooks that bring us to the chorus are classic in sound and overall it shreds! We’ll definitely be keeping up with Tarraska as they flourish into a legitimate rock band and hit the tour circuit, once they’re safely able to do so.”

(WWAM magazine and blog)

“…music with an original sound, slamming guitar licks, a fast-paced beat, and vocals that match the music.”   (Michael’s Music Blog)