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“Belter of a single…epically beautiful…for me this is THE single of the year”

(Pedal To The Metal Show with Mark Parker, MMH Radio)

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“Like a rampaging beast, “Renegade” storms through the gates with a barrage of fiery riffs and thunderous rhythms. Jack and Ben dazzle our senses with their strong musicianship as they unleash an unrelenting arsenal of guitar power, while Shaun shatters the airwaves with his powerful drum fills. Jack’s commanding vocals hold their own throughout the track with the hard-hitting instrumentals.”

(Fresh New Tracks Vol. IV – Eclectic Music Lover blog)

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"Trailblazer – Instant electrifying hard hitter, fast-paced, energetic and solidly rocky. Very real lyrics, plausibly and passionately performed. Great sharp riffs, heavy drums and a big atmosphere. It certainly captures the sound of the title and it’s very catchy, with big hit stamped all over it.

Lots of hooky melody. Visually evocative, with that delicious feel, beloved of all classic rock fans. ‘Trailblazer’ makes a powerful statement.

10/10 **********" (Rock Queen Reviews)


TARRASKA are a rock band from the south coast of England.

The singles ''Prose', 'Trailblazer' and 'Renegade', are available now. 

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